19th February 2019

UK farmers promised ‘no deal’ protection

Image copyright Getty Images Environment Secretary Michael Gove has promised that the government will apply tariffs to food imports in the event of a no-deal Brexit, to provide “specific and robust protections” for farmers. His…

UK employment hits another record high

Image copyright Getty Images The number of people in work in the UK has continued to climb, with a record 32.6 million employed between October and December, the latest Office for National Statistics figures show….

Replacing failed shops ‘won’t save city centres’

Authorities should focus on attracting high-paying office jobs to support city centres rather than replacing “failed shops”, according to a think tank. The Centre for Cities suggests that people will come back to the High…

‘People use storage for life events’

Anthony Paine started his online business Stashbee to connect people who need storage space with people who have space to spare. Initially, he thought it would be a simple “click and buy” business – similar…

How Brexit hit the pound in your pocket

Image copyright Getty Images The value of the pound has changed a lot over the past three years – making us all a little poorer. Back in December 2015, £1 would buy you about €1.40….