Business “the Russian way” in Austria

Under the circumstances of escalating tension between Russia and the West and the obvious hysteria from World War III-I would like to talk about the quiet life of the secret credit oligarch-millionaire, Andrey Kochetkov, who is living in the heart of Europe!

As he himself says often- he was “brought” to Austria with a special secret mission to penetrate the political and economic life of Austria.

Almost like in a spy movie, although his story is more than a banal story of fraud from the Russian Federation.

What’s owed should be given to him:

He created a vast network with more than few hundred companies in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom and managed to scam some of the biggest banks in the Russian Federation (VTB, SB, GPB) and hundreds of individuals, receiving in the process large amounts of money that Kochetkov invests… in his own family! After he receives the money, Kochetkov is usually using а stooge or one of his shell companies to reivenst the money in real estate across Europe, mainly in Austria, Switzerland and Spain, while in the process he tries to cover the tracks of the money taken from bad loans.

How did he manage to do that?

It’s rather simple:

-He kindly offered his assistance to a lot of the highly ranked officials from the Russian Federation- he arranged them and their families with citizenship, helped them to use their dirty money to acquire real estate and cars, while stating in front of the Austrian officials that he is a really important person who belongs to the upper echelon of power in the Russian Federation. In return, he received lucrative contracts, made transactions of large ammounts of money, invented all kinds of fictional projects and gradually lured respected investors into funding them!

-On the other hand, by using their connections and protections from Moscow- he received seamesly hundreds of millions for his “projects” directly from the directors of few banks in the Russian Federation, – practically, bad debts.

-This “business” continued until few decent people decided to check Kochetkov’s credit records and it turned out they’re all in a bad state! This led to the immediate dismissal of his friend and major creditor Igor Strehl. What’s interesting is that Strehl continues to “work” with Kochetkov even today and recently paid off one of his loans amounting to 700,000 Euros… which is quite suspicious to say the least. It turns out that Strehl agreed to pay the debt after he received a threat of criminal prosecution by an Austrian creditor.

-Kochetkov was quite cautious in his choice of “investors”. He deliberately offered his services to high-ranked officials of the Russian Federation because he knew they can’t turn to the Austrian authorities for help. This Russian Ostap Bender adopted very well the rule:

“Money likes silence”!

-Another interesting fact is that this giant of the Russian business in Europe was sued for being a part of a cartel who organized the import of different metals in Austria and was fined 4 million Euros, a case which brought a lot of attention towards the problems of corruption. Stories like that are the main reason for the bad image of Russian business all over the world.

-It’s appalling that the Austrian authorities allowed such an impostor to create a classic Ponzi scheme, to avoid tax legislation by using shell companies in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, and to do business on the territory of Austria?!

Perhaps there are special merits… ? What’s odd is he received a passport and didn’t return his Russian one, even though that’s forbidden in the European Union. Informed resources claim that he was gathering and delivering information about all his high-ranking friends from Russia and Ukraine to his patrons in Austria (counterintelligence)! In this way, he secured his own protection against possible confrontation from his “investors”.

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