“The Straw People” in the web of Andrei Kochetkov

Recently, we published a journalistic investigation about the extremely dangerous affair runner in Vienna, Austria – Andrey Aleksandrovich Kochetkov.

We want to continue to inform our audience and the public about the criminal syndicate of Kochetkov.

As we have already written, Andrey Kochetkov and his numerous organizations skillfully manipulate both Russian and Western (Austrian) banking and government institutions.

By doing this, they have illegally appropriated hundreds of millions of euros, which sank into the offshore and trust organizations of Kochetkov, bypassing Austria’s strict tax legislation!

Of course, our hero can hardly be found in the documental records – he always uses stooges, so if something goes wrong they can stand in front of the law while he hides quietly in his mansions in Austria or Spain.

It is very interesting to trace the participants in his companies:

Dr. Georg Schnitzer – proud “owner” of E&A Beteiligung GmbH – a holding company that brings together a variety of companies.

Stanislav Leonovich – the proud “founder” and manager of a number of Kochetkov’s companies – K57 GmbH, CargoGas GmbH, Rail Marketing GmbH and others. His signature can be found in a number of fiduciary agreements, claiming that he holds shares in companies connected to Kochetkov. The question remains, what will happen if Leonovich has to stand a trial, will he continue to cover up Kochetkov?!

K57 is a very interesting company which is believed to be engaged in construction business, but the investors behind it are a bit shady. A quick look at the balance of the company will immediately raise the eyebrows of tax consultants across the world – there are only loans and debts! It is clear as day that alongside the core business, the company acts as a cover for money laundry schemes, but we should leave that to the competent authorities.

Things are the same with CargoGas and the Liechtenstein Terminal Holding AG, which are supposed to be fully owned by Mr. Filby and Mr. Staub from Liechtenstein … but strangely, they act again on the orders of the ubiquitous Andrey Kochetkov.

We can only hope that with the provided information from our material and cooperation from them, some light will be shed on the activities of these companies by the Austrian tax state authorities.

The complex relationships and mutual payments between all branches of fiduciary and trusted structures covering the same person Andrey Kochetkov, are ultimately designed to provide screening to various companies that seem to belong to different people so that they can be credited for different projects without being linked to a group. In the same time, the companies are also used for malicious financial operations that lead to a complete diversion and cover of funds.

What’s interesting is that behind all of it is just one person – Andrei Kochetkov! It turns out that he credits himself and at the same time is in debt to himself! And the real creditors of his companies are struggling and looking for ways to get back the huge loans, investments and credits that the “great businessman” has very carefully appropriated and laundered long ago…

It’s quite interesting when you think about it, do all of his stooges and affiliated assistants really understand the monstrous risks they are taking and where they are actually heading?

Kochetkov claims that everything he does is in the interests of the Russian Federation, but at the same time he is blatantly stealing money from the state banks of the Russian Federation? Why does he shamelessly refer to himself as an intelligence agent, and openly states that his logistics company, Asotra, is actually an undercover intelligence agency?

We will also talk about his mournful attempt to acquire the Austrian Els Bank, again acting on an “order from Moscow” according to his foolish explanations, but this time Austria’s financial and regulatory authorities have uncovered his criminal scheme on time and vetoed the deal and also stripped the bank’s license. Once again the names of honorable and unsuspecting people from Austria were involved and tarnished as a result from this miserable attempt to circumvent regulations, but we will cover this particular story later in time.

Why does Kochetkov brutally use in his schemes the names of various leaders of the Russian Federation “for whom” he claims to work for and also the names of major projects like Nord Stream 2? It makes us wonder how far he will go with his impudence, maybe he can add to the mix the name of the president himself?!

Does he not realize that his actions cause catastrophic damages to the image of the Russian Federation and that every criminal act of his has a very destabilizing effect?

It would be truly worthy of respect if he as a Russian citizen proved his patriotism with his honesty and served as a standard for a decent businessman, but the sad story shows that he only defends his painful greed and the character of a deceiver!

In his adventures, he purposefully involved and continues to involve a number of unsuspecting honorable people from Austria’s political life in high-ranking positions in the administration, who he carefully selected, processed and is processing in case of a serious investigation against him! He knows perfectly well that sooner or later it is over! And that is why he tries to “take care” and when “things start to go south”, he will rely on the people involved in his games to save him from the law. That’s quite typical for a Soviet!

Very clever, Andrey Aleksandrovich, but you shouldn’t think that you will be able to play everyone forever and buy everyone with your stolen money! Let’s not forget that Austria takes over the EU presidency for a month, and decent people who do not fear your mafia methods and do not need your dirty money work in the law enforcement agencies!

We are deeply convinced of the justice and impartiality of the Austrian judiciary, and that you will still have to answer for all the crimes you have committed!

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